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Metaco's Concept of a First-rate Product

Metaco believes that a first-rate product is a product borne from our planning and development, absorbing and preserving our predecessors’ wisdom and adding in our creative innovations.

First-rate products are products that can constantly pursue and elucidate the elements of 「What」「Where」 and 「Why」.

We strive in creating products that can always be appraised as ‘first-rate’, and not just ‘luxury products’ that the general public values.

Metaco’s products are quality assured with pride by our planners and developers, and sold with ‘first rate’ services. All of Metaco products are developed and manufactured by ourselves. We make absolutely no use whatsoever of middlemen in selling our products.

Metaco's Concept of Production Operations and Cycles

Our production operations consist of (1) sales and product development - feedback from product sales operations; (2) technology development - -development of products; (3) manufacturing - manufacturing and quality management; and (4) sales - marketing and sale of products. Metaco is the full cycle from (1) to (4).

Production and manufacturing, products and articles are not the same. Manufactured articles only become products when they are sold. Production as a term applies to the whole cycle of production operations.

The starting point of Metaco's sales lies in the production operations, and we do not believe in just selling the ready-made products from some other party. We should constantly be conscious of the fact that we are selling first-rate products developed under our own ideas. Metaco's products are borne from its sales.

Metaco's Mission

All our employees have a creative role personally and are encouraged in product development, manufacturing and sales, making it their mission to spearhead our product sales to ensure worldwide customer satisfaction.
This mission encompasses Metaco’s social and physical existence.
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